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Miskin & Tsui-Yip is a full service law firm concentrating only in the practice of intellectual property law. The nature of its specialized practice and its size allows it to provide a close working relation with its clients and work with them as they grow. The firm has a high rate of retention with clients over the years, which is a good indication of satisfaction by the clients. It traces its history via predecessors to the 1940’s with offices in New York. The firm represents a wide variety of companies and individuals, large and small, both domestic and foreign, with a wide variety of goods and services. The firm provides prosecution, litigation, licensing and counseling related to intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

The firm’s attorneys have technical training that covers a full spectrum of engineering and science. Their expertise includes mechanical and electrical items to highly sophisticated electronic and computer-related systems, plastics, and various chemical compounds and chemical processes. The firm also has specialized attorneys versed in trademark and copyright protection in the United States and foreign countries. Also the firm has extensive experience in licensing and litigation in the intellectual property area, both in the United States and overseas.


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